“Why should y-you be sorry?”

       ”I just—- I don’t want to ruin our friendship or anything because of my feelings.”

       ”I’m in love with you, I’m sorry.”

       ”You’re—- kidding, right?”



"I need to tell you something.."

       ”… Alright—- what is it?”



             Troy smirked as he noticed his classmate looking back at him, teasing the other he started to lick his lips. Mouthing words to the other. 

       Callum blushed, turning his head away slightly. He hadn’t planned on Troy catching him in the act of checking him out. His cheeks were a bright red as he looked at Troy’s lips. Callum took a moment to calm himself down before he looked back at Troy, giving him a wink, hoping that he couldn’t notice how much he was freaking out on the inside.

Time is but an illusion || AU



             Micah was sitting alone at the empty train station. Living life in 1997 wasn’t always easy for little Micah, he was always teased and made fun of. Nobody really understood the male, he never understood why. He was like all of them, normal. 

             Getting up from his current position he started to walk out of the station, wanting to grab something to eat. His eyes watching his feet as he walked, a stone being kicked around by the tip of his shoes. Looking up he saw a girl, a girl which looked lost. He wasn’t sure if he was going to help her or not. He stood watching her for a while, he had to admit she looked like a girl he’s never seen before. The way she was dressed, the way she did her hair. She was beautiful. Knowing she was way out of his league he carried on walking, his eyes moved down. Not looking at her, just hoping she’d notice him. And she did.

             Smiling softly as his eyes moved to look at the girl again, this time he was closer. She was even more beautiful up close, he was almost lost for words. “It’s 1997 of course,” He let out a small chuckle as he looked at her. 

       ”Oi vey.” Riley muttered under her breath, her head in her hands. 1997? She almost knew nothing about this year, despite having been born just a few years before. Before she knew it she was pacing again, a bad habit of hers. She was completely lost in her own thoughts for a while before she realized that there was actually another person there.

       ”Oh, right, uh.” She tugged at the ends of her sleeves anxiously, she was sure that she seemed like a crazy woman right now, asking someone what year it was. “I’m a bit of a ditz, I forget the year sometimes.” She let out a nervous sort of chuckle, hoping that he wouldn’t ask too many questions.

       ”I’m Riley by the way. I just came in from out of town.” She explained, fidgeting with her hands. She wasn’t exactly the best at lying so she was just hoping he couldn’t see through her. “Do you know a place where I can stay?” She sucked in a breath and asked, hoping that the question didn’t seem too strange, “Um— for free if possible? I don’t uh— have any money with me at the moment.”


       Peyton tried to keep her emotions in, but when it came down to something like this she couldn’t help her mouth from running. “I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for the fact that you actually think you can apologize and think that one word will make it better. Because it can’t. What you did was fucked up, hurt me more then anything else ever has, and no amount of apologies are ever going to fix that.”

Time is but an illusion || AU

       Shocked was an understatement to what Riley was feeling at the moment. Words like scared and confused also came to mind. One second she was sitting silently in her lab and the next thing she knows she’s been whisked away to god knows what year. Time travel was more or less what she was aiming for, but she had never expected it to actually work. She looked around at the unfamiliar environment and slowly sunk down to the floor. Oh god. She did it. She went back in time. It took a few minutes but it finally sunk it. She did it. 

       At first she was cheering. Her hands were in the air as she jumped up and down, silently shouting for joy. She mentally made a list of the people she would tell first. Her best friend, her younger brother, and then everyone who told her that she couldn’t do it. She reached into her pocket for her cell phone and tried to dial home, but realized that a cell phone hadn’t even been invented yet so of course she wouldn’t be able to get a signal. She figured she might as well just return home, she could just come back another time, when she was more prepared. So she clicked, she clicked the tiny button on her watch, her time traveling watch, but nothing happened. She was still there, the button hadn’t worked. She was filled with a brief moment of panic before she came to a sudden realization.

       She paced around the outside of a train station, cursing herself for being so stupid. It had to charge, she knew that, but she over looked that detail, and now she was stuck in, wait, what year is it? She asked herself. She wandered around aimlessly taking in how different everything looked, before she finally spotted someone. She ran up to the figure, slightly out of breath, and asked, “H—Hey, what—- what year is it?”